Frequently asked questions

Please see some of the most frequently asked questions and answers

Is it okay to give Akta-Vite to my children?

If your child is older than 36 months, Akta-Vite can be a great way to help increase their vitamin, minerals and dairy intake. Try adding a small amount to milk or non-dairy beverage, sprinkling over ice cream or yoghurt, or making Akta-Vite fairy bread. Akta-Vite contains no milk powder and can be mixed with soy or other non-dairy milks. Check with your Infant Health Centre professional for further guidance.

Does Akta-Vite have Nuts, Egg or Soy products in it?

The manufacture plant for Akta-Vite does not have any nuts or egg on site, so there is no reason for there to be any traces of these allergens in Akta-Vite. The packing portion of the line does pack products that contain soy, however there are strict cleaning procedures in place to ensure that there is no cross-contamination.

Is Akta-Vite GMO Free?

Yes, Akta-Vite is GMO Free. This means that all of the ingredients we use in Akta-Vite are non-GMO - meaning non-genetically modified organisms. So you can be confident that Akta-Vite really is good for you with no hidden nasties!

Can Akta-Vite boost my iron intake?

Yes. A single serve of Akta-Vite provides 26% of the recommended daily intake for iron, an essential mineral required for the transport of oxygen around the body. Iron is also important for energy production and immune function, so give your system a boost each day with Akta-Vite!

Is Akta-Vite suitable for Vegetarians?

Akta-Vite is great for Vegetarians, as unlike many competitor products, it does not contain milk or milk powders.

If Akta-Vite is suitable for Vegetarian's is it also suitable for Vegans?

We do not advertise Akta-Vite as a Vegan product as Akta-Vite is fortified with Vitamin D3 to assist with calcium absorption. Vitamin D3, or cholecalciferol, uses a carrier oil that is derived from lanolin. Depending on your view, as the sheep are unharmed during shearing, you may be happy to consume Akta-Vite. Recent research points towards Vitamin D3 being up to three times more potent than Vitamin D2 (the plant derived Vitamin D that is vegan friendly). On balance, we feel that Vitamin D3 provides the best fortification for Akta-Vite.

I’ve heard Akta-Vite can increase milk supply while breast feeding. Is this true?

Over the years we have received many letters and emails from mums who tell us that Akta-Vite helped boost their milk supply while breast feeding. While we don’t have the studies to prove it, it seems anecdotally many mums use Akta-Vite while breast feeding to boost milk production. Try for yourself and let us know whether it works for you!

I’m following a gluten free diet, can I have Akta-Vite?

If you are coeliac or following a gluten free diet, please don’t consume Akta-Vite as it contains wheat starch and barley malt extract.

I’m following a lactose free diet, can I have Akta-Vite?

Unlike many other milk modifiers, Akta-Vite contains no milk powder so it can be enjoyed with nondairy beverages and foods. Many of our customers love to enjoy Akta-Vite with soy or almond milk.

Is Akta-Vite a Low GI Product?

The glycemic index (GI) ranks carbohydrates according to their effect on blood glucose levels, with low levels causing slower rises in blood glucose levels as food is consumed. Having a low carbohydrate content per 15g serve, Akta Vite delivers a low GI response whether added to full cream milk, skim milk or water.

Is Akta-Vite Halal Suitable?

Unfortunately the way Akta Vite is manufactured means it is not Halal suitable.

Is Akta-Vite Kosher?

Nicholas Health & Nutrition partner with Kosher Australia to have the Akta-Vite product Kosher Certified each year.

Why is there sugar in Akta-Vite?

Akta-Vite contains pure cocoa and if you’ve ever tasted even a pinch, you’ll know how bitter cocoa is. The new formulation has been tried and tested with a minimum amount of natural cane sugar that still enhances the taste of the cocoa while softening the bitter flavour.

Where do I buy Akta-Vite?

Akta-Vite is available at Coles (including online shopping) and selected IGA and independent supermarkets. Akta-Vite is usually found in the milk additive section, near tea and coffee. You may need to look at the higher or lower shelves for Akta-Vite. If you can’t find Akta-Vite at your local supermarket, ask them to get it in for you – most supermarkets will be happy to. If you still have trouble purchasing Akta-Vite, please call us Freecall 1300-AKTAVITE or 1300 2582 84 or send an email to