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Akta-Vite is available in 375g cans from Coles, Woolworths and selected independent supermarkets.

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  1. Hi . My name is jamie reeves from bunbury Western Australia , am writing to you to ask why I can’t find any of your product in any of Coles woolworths or Iga . Can you please let me know of which shop should have it thanks .

    • Hi Jamie, thanks for your comments regarding availability of Akta-Vite in Western Australia. Unfortunately our only stockist in WA currently is Coles, so Akta-Vite should be available in all Coles supermarkets. We are hoping to find a way to supply independent grocers too and will keep our customers informed via our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/aktaviteaustralia)

  2. Hi there just wondering if you can tell me where in Perth I can buy this as I can’t seem to find it anywhere

    • Hi Alison, thanks for your enquiry regarding availability of Akta-Vite in Perth. Coles supermarkets are the only stockist at present so you should find Akta-Vite there in the milk additive aisle (usually near tea and coffee). We are hoping to be able to supply independent supermarkets in the near future and will keep our customers informed via our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/aktaviteaustralia).

  3. Hello. I just came to enquire about why my local Woolies (in WA) doesn’t stock Akta-Vite but saw the other answers regarding it only being stocked in Coles. That certainly does not help me because I live in a country town that has a Woolies and and IGA. My nearest Coles is 100 km away! Is there perhaps somewhere I can buy Akta-Vite online?

    • Hi Scott, thanks for your comments regarding the availability of Akta-Vite in your area. Akta-Vite isn’t sold online as it’s very expensive to ship for such a low cost item. You could try catchoftheday.com.au as they were stocking a small variant of Akta-Vite. It’s in older style packaging but the product is new. We’re working on distribution with independent supermarkets in WA and will keep our customers updated on our Facebook page. Thanks, Fiona

  4. Hi, It’s such a shame that the stockists in Perth appear to be disappearing. I have always bought this for my son as a small once a day drink with a nice flavour and vitamins and minerals. I have always been able to buy this in IGA, Woolies and Coles but now I’m having trouble getting it anywhere. I’ll try Coles again like you have advised your other customers above but look forward to finding it again at IGA stores and Woolworths. Love your product!! And my mum told me she used to buy it for us when we were little 🙂
    Cheers, Simone

    • Hi Simone, thanks for your email regarding Akta-Vite. We’re working on improving distribution with independent supermarkets in WA and will keep our customers updated via our Facebook page. We’re so happy to hear that you and your family enjoy Akta-Vite and hope we can make sure you are able to find it easily. Can you please let me know which Coles store you had trouble locating Akta-Vite in as it’s meant to be ranged in all stores. Thank you, Fiona

  5. Just want to add my support to Akta-vite’s efforts to improve distribution in WA – it’s been my nightly drink since kindy (I’m now 32!) and it’s getting harder and harder to find in Perth. The last time I was in Coles Fremantle I bought their last two remaining in stock – hopefully it means they’ve since ordered lots more in!

    • Hi Thea, thanks for your support! Our best chance of keeping Akta-Vite on shelf is for our customers to ask for it. Coles repeatedly tell us that all stores in WA should have Akta-Vite on shelf, so if you are having trouble finding it, please ask the Store Manager. We are also working towards better distribution with independents in WA and will keep you informed on our Facebook page with new stockists.

  6. Regularly shop at Coles, Woolies & IGA in the eastern Perth region and contrary to the above posted advice, have not been able to source Akta Vite from any of these outlets over a period of many months. For other reasons have largely given up on Coles & Woolies, and have recently enquired at the local IGA shop we patronise, to be told that it is on their central distribution facility deleted list. Have suggested that they should reverse this decision and they have indicated that they will try to do so, but I am not overly optimistic. Any suggestions please as I am sorely missing my Akta Vite fix!! Thanks in anticipation.

    • Thanks so much for your feedback, it’s invaluable! Sadly, Metcash (wholesale supplier to many independent supermarkets) did delete Akta-Vite in WA. We are currently working on improving distribution in WA via another wholesaler. Can I ask if you are able to email me your preferred IGA supermarket(s) so that I can forward this on to our partners in WA? My email address is fiona@myerton.com.au. I’d really appreciate hearing from you. Thanks, Fiona

  7. Hi,
    I grew up on Aktavite – and still trying to grow up on it (I’m 41).
    Sadly it does seem that our local Coles isn’t stocking Aktavite (Noranda, WA).
    Maybe I’ll harrass our local IGA too. And if that doesn’t work lets petition Dick Smith!

    • Hi John

      Apologies for the long delay in responding to your enquiry. Coles were having trouble with stock levels in WA however they assure us this has been rectified. Please let me know if you are still unable to purchase Akta-Vite in your preferred Coles store.

      Best wishes,

  8. Hi from New Zealand, i grew up with acta vite but cant find it here, any chance you can get some here soon? i really hope so! Cheers

    • Hi Alex

      Unfortunately Akta-Vite is not available in New Zealand but we hope it will be in the future. Akta-Vite is prohibitively expensive for us to ship so the best way to get your hands on some is to ask a friend or relative visiting Australia to bring you some!

      Best wishes,

    • Hi Bill

      We really like this idea! Hopefully we can get Akta-Vite stocked in New Zealand in the near future. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for news!

      Best wishes,

  9. Where’s Akta-Vite in NSW???? It’s not at IGA in Newtown and Cremorne. I’ve been trying to drink with Cadbury drinking chocolate and it is junk!! Nothing mixes in cold milk like Akta-Vite. Thanks team.

    • Hi Pam, Unfortunately Akta-Vite is not sold in New Zealand (as much as we’d love it to be!). Some Kiwi Akta-Vite lovers ask friends to bring it back for them! Regards,

  10. I have not been able to buy Akta vite at Coles, Woolworths or IGA in North Brisbane lately. Coles had no idea what it is! Certainly would like to know which stores have it as I bought some only a year ago.

    • Hi Ray, Thanks for letting us know as Akta-Vite should be available in Coles and Woolworths in Queensland. Can you please send an email to sales@myerton.com.au with the IGA you prefer to shop at and I will see if our independent wholesaler in Queensland can get Akta-Vite on shelf for you there? Regards

  11. I would like to echo the comments above.I have also been trying for a few months now to buy Akitavite in Wa .Am going to Melb next week so hope to find some there but is so disappointing we are cut out

    • Hi John,
      Unfortunately Akta-Vite cannot currently be purchased in New Zealand. As it’s very expensive for us to ship we hear the best way is to co-opt a friend or relative coming to Australia to bring some back for you!


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