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Akta-Vite is delicious stirred into regular or non-dairy milk, sprinkled over ice-cream or yoghurt or sandwiched between bread.  Akta-Vite’s delicious crunchy goodness can be enjoyed by the whole family in so many ways.  See our Recipe page for more ideas!

8 comments on “Enjoy Akta-Vite?

  1. Hi,
    I have been enjoying aktavite for 35 years hot and cold, until now. The change to it makes it dry and taste terrible. This makes me very sad as it was something my nanna and I enjoyed together.
    Please can you email me and let me know why the change.
    As someone that can’t drink dairy, aktavite was my only option for an enjoyable chocolate drink. It appears that is now gone.

    • Hi Katie, we’re sorry to hear that you feel Akta-Vite has changed. I believe we may have spoken on the telephone regarding your feelings about Akta-Vite but if you have any further comments please send an email to sales@myerton.com.au or call us Freecall on 1300 135 715.

    • Katie is correct, I was raised on Aktavite in the 50″s & 60″s, disappointing to see the formula changed as to be honest it tastes cheap and tacky, extra strength makes it worse, now it no longer sits in our pantry.
      shame when a market leading product becomes less than an also ran
      Yours sincerely

      • Hi Douglas

        The only changes to the Akta-Vite formula have been to add iron and folate which don’t really impact flavour. The cocoa, sugar, barley malt extract and wheat starch levels have not changed.

        I’m sorry for the delay in replying to your comment.


  2. I just bought some today 2/4/15 , It’s a great change from Milo and it also dissolves quicker. I swear I haven’t had any Akta-Vite for about 20 years. It tastes about the same as I remember. The particles look smaller but I’m not fussed. It was majic over Peter’s vanilla ice cream. I loved it in Full cream milk but in light milk it’s not as good. But that’s the light milks fault. Anyway keep up the good work, thanks from Mark.

    • Hi Mark

      Apologies for the long delay in responding to your comments. I had missed them!

      We are thrilled to hear you are enjoying Akta-Vite and you are spot on that the only changes have been to have a mix of long and short granules where originally Akta-Vite was just long granules. The only other changes have been to add folate and iron, which don’t really impact flavour.

      We hope you continue to enjoy Akta-Vite and you might be interested to try some of the recipes from our Recipe page. My personal favourites are the Akta-Vite Koala Cupcakes and the Akta-Vite Egg Free Mousse!

      Best wishes,

  3. Hi there. I found in a antique shop a Captain Aktavite club member badge (pin at the back attached and in great condition). Can you tell me how old this may be? Looks kinda aged. Brad

    • Hi Brad

      Apologies for the delay in responding to your enquiry.

      There are a few Captain Akta-Vite badges and other memorabilia floating around! The Captain Akta-Vite Club was operating in the 1960’s I believe.


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