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We answer some of the most common questions we receive about Akta-Vite.

faqWhere do I buy Akta-Vite?

Akta-Vite is available at Coles (including online shopping), Woolworths (including online shopping) and selected IGA and independent supermarkets. Akta-Vite is usually found in the milk additive section, near tea and coffee. You may need to look at the higher or lower shelves for Akta-Vite. If you can’t find Akta-Vite at your local supermarket, ask them to get it in for you – most supermarkets will be happy to. If you still have trouble purchasing Akta-Vite, please call us Freecall 1300-AKTAVITE or 1300 2582 84 or send an email to sales@aktavite.com

Is it okay to give Akta-Vite to my toddler?

If your little person is older than 12 months and eating solid foods, Akta-Vite can be a great way to help increase dairy intake. Try adding a small amount to milk or non-dairy beverage, sprinkling over ice cream or yoghurt, or making Akta-Vite fairy bread. Akta-Vite contains no milk powder and can be mixed with soy or other non-dairy milks. Check with your Infant Health Centre professional for further guidance.

I’m following a lactose free diet, can I have Akta-Vite?

Unlike many other milk modifiers, Akta-Vite contains no milk powder so it can be enjoyed with nondairy beverages and foods. Many of our customers love to enjoy Akta-Vite with soy or almond milk.

I’m following a gluten free diet, can I have Akta-Vite?

If you are coeliac or following a gluten free diet, please don’t consume Akta-Vite as it contains wheat starch and barley malt extract.

I’m vegan, do any of the vitamins or minerals in Akta-Vite contain animal products?

Akta-Vite is fortified with Vitamin D3 to assist with calcium absorption. Vitamin D3, or cholecalciferol, uses a carrier oil that is derived from lanolin. Depending on your view, as the sheep are unharmed during shearing, you may be happy to consume Akta-Vite.  Recent research points towards Vitamin D3 being up to three times more potent than Vitamin D2 (the plant derived Vitamin D that is vegan friendly). On balance, we feel that Vitamin D3 provides the best fortification for Akta-Vite.

I’ve heard Akta-Vite can increase milk supply while breast feeding. Is this true?

Over the years we have received many letters and emails from mums who tell us that Akta-Vite helped boost their milk supply while breast feeding. While we don’t have the studies to prove it, it seems anecdotally many mums use Akta-Vite while breast feeding to boost milk production. Try for yourself and let us know whether it works for you!

Why is there sugar in Akta-Vite?

Akta-Vite contains pure cocoa and if you’ve ever tasted even a pinch, you’ll know how bitter cocoa is. The new formulation has been tried and tested with a mix of natural cane sugar and Stevia sweetener to significantly reduce the amount of sugar in Akta-Vite by 50%* per serve, while still providing the same great taste.

*compared to the leading brand per serve.