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  1. Dear Sir, Madam,

    I started eating Akta-Vite in primary school and I am now 64 years old. That’s about 56 years and I have noticed a change in the product.

    It used to be long pieces like fairy bread sprinkles but it is now very short and becoming more like powder and every time I open a new can I have to break up big lumps.

    It may taste the same but doesn’t look as good on ice cream, frosting, fairy bread, or toast.

    I’m not sure why the change but I hope you can go back to sprinkles.

    Kind Regards

    Sandy Murray

    • Hi Sandy, thanks for your email regarding Akta-Vite’s granules. We have become aware of a batch a few months back in production that sounds just as you describe – powdery and lacking granules. You’ll be happy to know that this issue has now been rectified. Can you please send an email to sales@myerton.com.au so that we can assist you further? Thank you, Fiona

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